“Transform AMERICA!”

“Transform AMERICA!”

Obama and the International leftist elite decided to “Transform AMERICA!” and to transform Western Civilization. There were little Obama droplings in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

The Droplings and their International Anustocracy set out to transform the world…starting with open borders.

Well, their open borders plan fell flat on its face.

Today…across this world…nations…countries…people are standing up…people are saying close the borders…this isn’t working. This is destroying our homeland!

Italy and Hungary…have joined…to close their borders.

Sweden…is closing its borders.

Austria...is closing its borders.

Germany…is split between open borders liberals and closed border conservatives.

Iowa, USA is fighting…open borders folk vs protect America folk. Young Ms. Tibbits was kidnapped and murdered by yet another illegal alien in America…violating American soil.

The Tibbits family, joins too many other families which have been ripped apart by the murderous violence of illegal aliens.

In Ireland, in the UK, in the South American nations bordering Argentina and Honduras, in Australia...all across the would people are demanding that their governments protect them from the international invasion of illegal aliens.

The great battle of the next decade will be the people of the world (including USA) versus Soros, Obama and the open border leftist elites.

Across the world, people are asking, "why don’t you make your hellhole more like my nation…rather than, coming here and making my nation more like your back home hellhole!???"