Black Miss USA plus conservative views equals angry left

Washington, D.C.’s Kara McCullough, the Miss USA winner for 2017, has caused quite a stir with her conservative views.

Among her statements: Health care is not a right, but rather a privilege.

The remark’s extra astonishing because McCullough is black, and therefore, in the minds of liberals everywhere, an automatic Democratic voter who thinks, sleeps and breathes the leftist lines. And chief among those leftist lines of late is the one, thanks to Barack Obama and his socialist Obamacare, that insists: Health insurance is a right, just like breathing.

Oh, McCullough, what a breath of fresh air in a stale, boring beauty contest world you are.

Another of her beliefs that has social media, post-crowing, in a complete shock? She thinks feminism is kind of sexist.

Look at this tweeted comment from one angry leftist writer: “The winner of #MissUSA says health care is not a right & feminism is bad. It’s like Ben Carson saying slaves came to [USA] to have opportunity.”