Black Republican Leaders Validated by Election Outreach Strategy

Alexis Hasty was 12-years-old when Barack Obama was elected America's first black president. While too young to vote back in 2008, the college student now recognizes the significance of his historic win.

"I think that it opened a lot of doors for the minority community and gives the idea to minority children that `I could be president too,'" said Hasty, a native of Berkeley, California.

Yet the junior at Howard University wasn't swayed by the notion of Hillary Clinton making history as the first woman in the White House.

So in her first presidential election, the proud black Republican cast her vote for Donald Trump. She (mostly) agreed with his stance on immigration, potentially de-funding Planned Parenthood, and other issues.

"You should expect to see us a lot more," she said. "Black Republicans are not a myth."
Source: NBC News