Black Republican Staffer Association Membership Has Doubled

Will Hurd, Mia Love and Tim Scott are the three black Republicans serving in Congress — Hurd and Love in the House and Scott in the Senate.

The Black Republican Congressional Staff Association wants to increase that number and it is starting at the staff level.

“Black Republicans are few and far between here,” said Ayshia Connors, 24, who is going into her third year as the association’s president. But membership has doubled from about 25 members in the last Congress, she said.

“What we’re doing this year is [focusing] on getting a streamlined approach to have black Republicans intern on the Hill and get based in jobs up here,” she said. “And folks that are already here, preparing them to take on the next position.”

Connors said more senior staffers are joining the group’s ranks, like chiefs of staff and communications directors.

Source: Roll Call