Black Voter Gains By Trump Show Opportunity for GOP

Voter dissatisfaction is largely cited as the key to Republican victories in key states like Ohio and Michigan in 2016. And according to new data provided by the Stars and Stripes Coalition — a group created to provide GOP outreach to black voters — no dissatisfied group provided more impetus for victory than the dissatisfied black voters of 2016.

Concentrating on key economic issues like higher unemployment and poor educational outcomes for blacks, Stars and Stripes — formerly The 2016 committee that successfully drafted Ben Carson to become a candidate for President — made a strong appeal to black conservatives with targeted radio ads.

And if votes are a measure of success, expect more of the same going forward, with the group’s  ultimate aim to challenge Democrat hegemony amongst black voters.

2016 marked a sea-change in the progressive electoral coalition that elected and, subsequently reelected, Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. It is not surprising that the black vote in crucial states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, failed to deliver for Hillary Clinton, a white woman, in the same way that it performed for Obama, the first black president of the United States.
Source: Daily Caller