Fake Politics On The Democratic Identity Plantation

Fakery has been everywhere in the news in 2017. From the increasingly desperate and still unproven accusations by the establishment media that President Trump is a Manchurian candidate, to the alarming and verifiable evidence that senior Democrats have close financial links to foreign powers, everyday Americans are unsure what is real and what is not at the moment. Central to this surreal political atmosphere is the loss of faith by the American people in the establishment media, or what many are now calling the real ‘fake news’.

Just as everyday Americans are now seeing through the fake news that is put forth by the media wing of the Democrat establishment, we are also now aware of the fakery at the heart of the Democratic Party itself.

Through WikiLeaks we learned that the media coordinated closely with Hillary Clinton’s staff to assist her in her presidential campaign, while the DNC email leaks revealed that the DNC was actively hijacking the Democratic primaries to such an extent that the process was Hillary’s coronation from the beginning. Through the investigative journalism of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, we learned that high-level Democrat operatives consider vote-rigging and election fraud to be standard operating procedure in US politics.

How can it be that America’s oldest political party has become nothing but a sham, a cynical charade performed by phony people to deceive whole swathes of the nation? How can the Democratic Party have become so corrupt, and so fake?
Source: Daily Caller