Former State Senator’s Message Condemning Violence at UC Berkeley Goes Viral

Former State Senator Elbert Lee Guillory released a video on social media condemning the violence that erupted last week at UC Berkeley, gaining over 1 million views and almost 35,000 shares on Facebook in a day.

Guillory, who served in the Lousiana state Senate from 2009 to 2016, condemned the “anti-fascist” activists that violently derailed a scheduled MILO event at UC Berkeley last week.

“In 1964, that campus was the birthplace of the free speech movement. Those days are gone. On the first of February, the students of Berkeley broke out into a full-fledged riot, to stop the speech of Milo Yiannopoulos, who was an invited guest to the campus,” Guillory said in the video. “These delinquents broke windows, set fires, physically assaulted others students who were in line waiting to hear the speech of MILO, a 33-year-old, openly gay, Jewish journalist. An immigrant.”

Guillory also referenced the violent protest against VICE co-founder Gavin McInnes speaking last week at NYU, which resulted in four arrests.

“These protesters have convinced themselves that they are anti-fascist. In fact, the word ‘fascism’ is being thrown around quite a bit these days,” he continued. “But who is really acting like fascists? Who is silencing political speech, physically attacking those with divergent views, demanding that every American share one single ideology?”
Source: Breitbart