Why Are Black Republicans Afraid to Speak Out?

Sometimes I wonder if I was a Black Democrat, a retired Black athlete or a Black comedian would it be easier for me to get a meeting with the leadership of the Republican Party or harder.

As a life-long, die hard Black Republican, it seems almost impossible to get noticed in the Republican Party.

Black Republicans with party experience and credentials need not seek any substantive engagement with the very party they have been taking arrows in the back for over the years.

Needless to say, my mouth hit the floor when I began to get calls last week from the media about newly confirmed, Attorney general Jeff Sessions, agreeing to meet with radical “civil entitlements” leaders like Marc Morial, Al Sharpton, Melanie Campbell and Wade Henderson.

C’mon man!

I worked for Sessions during his first Senate campaign in 1996 and I know that he is a good and decent person, but I don’t understand how he can justify the fact that one of his first meetings as Attorney General is with people who have called him a racist.
Source: Black Press USA